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We’re counting down the days until the debut of a new addition to Disney Store: D-Style.

It’s a curated collection of accessories and clothes, designed by Disney’s creative team in Japan, and created by Disney Store designers from around the globe. The apparel, handbags, and jewelry in the line embody the idea of  ‘kawaii’ (“cute” in Japanese), appealing to fans and fashionistas alike.

The line made it’s first appearance at the D23 Expo last weekend, so we got to grab some pictures of some of our favorite products.

Take a look, and be sure to checkout D-Style on!

Alice in Wonderland


We love the sketch-like aesthetic of the Alice designs, as well as the adorable character socks!

Mickey Mouse


This 3D Mickey bag is everything.

Donald Duck


These canvas bags have a vintage vibe.

Minnie Mouse


We need all of this for our #MinnieStyle collection.

Winnie the Pooh


This line of Pooh pouches and purses all feature his back seam, which is losing his fluff and stuff!

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