Last night while browsing through the shops at the Magic Kingdom, I noticed a new set of collectible dolls called Attractionistas! These are cute, larger than Barbie styled dolls, themed after some favorite Disney Park attractions. The one above is “Gracey” and themed after, you guessed it, the Haunted Mansion! She’s really pretty cool, and there were only two left on the shelf last night, I wish I would have bought one!


Back in the Pirates of the Caribbean store, they had a Pirates themed doll as well, named Pearl. She was sassy looking with red hair, and there were quite a few in stock. Guests can look throughout the MK for other Attractionistas, including “Maddie” themed after the Mad Tea Party and “Celeste” which seems to be a Tomorrowland theme.

The Attractionista collection is $29.95 each! Enjoy! ~M

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