Home Depot Darth Vader Animatronic for the Holidays

Attention all Star Wars Fans….Tomorrow is May 4th and Home Depot has a perfect Animatronic they are launching on Star Wars Day.  Now you can own a 7-ft tall Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Every Halloween, I’m always amazed with some of the large animatronics and decorations for Halloween and Christmas.  Last year, the 12-ft Jack Skellington animatronic was very impressive to see.  One of our neighbors had that last year and every time we drove past we slowed down to hear him speak.  Now Home Depot has come out with an amazing figure from the Star Wars Universe, none other than Darth Vader.

Darth Vader will run $299.99 and will be available online exclusively and my guess will be it sells out that day.  This is honestly a fantastic price for this figure. Sideshow Collectibles has a full size Darth Vader you can purchase for around $9000. Unlike other animatronics that are either for Halloween or Christmas, Vader will come with accessories for both holidays. The Darth Vader will feature classic phrases and sounds, lifelike animatronic movements, and interchangeable accessories for multiple holidays, including a red light saber, Death Star jack-O-lantern, candy cane light saber and a Death Star ornament.  I think even after the holidays I would want to just leave this set up in my home for all to see.

What other character would you like to see turned into a full size animatronic?  I would really like to see Boba Fett or Mando and Grogu.  Stepping out of the Star Wars Universe and into the Marvel one, I think it would be awesome to have a full size Iron Man or a 12 ft Groot similar to the Jack Skellington one from last year.  Will you try to purchase the 7-ft tall Darth Vader?  The page that the animatronic will be available on can be found HERE.

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