Today In Disney History ~ July 28th


Mission Space  marked spheres representing: Jupiter, Earth and its moon, and Mars opened at Epcot on 8/15/03 in the former location of Horizons. Buzz Aldrin was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11 moon landing mission that occurred on 7/20/69. On 7/28/03, prior to the public opening of the attraction, Aldrin and actors Dhalyn Adams and Tyler Kremer took the controls for the filming ABC’s  “Mission to Mars” that would air on 8/15/03.  Aldrin is not the only NASA astronaut to ride Mission Space. Rhea Seddon who flew three shuttle missions also rode the ride. Seddon stated  “It was a really good combination of reality and looking ahead to what things might be like. I knew intellectually it was a centrifuge and that’s how they were generating the feeling, but it doesn’t feel like a centrifuge.”

TMSM Today in Graphic by Sherry Rinaldi DeHart

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