It’s Thursday, which means that it’s time for our weekly feel good story, Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney twist! This week’s entry comes from Main Streeter Gretchen R, who shared a magical experience regarding a special Cast Member. Here’s what she had to say~

I thought I would share a wonderful Disney moment from our trip in February. The Friday of our trip, we had fast passes to watch the Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom. We arrived early to the reservation as my son and niece were in need of a little down time. We got a great location across from the corner and happily set up shop for the 30 minute wait.

The magic started when a wonderful cast member, Hong, came over to my 3 year old son while he was playing with his newly bought Cars. Hong came over, dropped down to his knees and asked if he could play cars, too! For the next 20 minutes Hong played with my son, niece and a few other children and our Cars. They raced, crawled along, made noises and had a great time. Not only did it give my son a much needed relaxing play break, but it warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. His excitement was evident as he played with this new playmate.

On Main Street USA, simple magic happened before my eyes. This is why my family loves Disney. This cast member didn’t need to stop and play with these children. He could have easily continued to walk around, talking to guests and doing his job, but he decided to stop and play and make our day. When the parade arrived he quietly disappeared. Although I told him thank you many times, I don’t know if he realized what his act of kindness meant.

Thank you to Hong and all of the wonderful cast mates that make little magical moments happen throughout all the Disney Parks!

Thank you Gretchen for the wonderful story, and thank you to all the amazing Cast Members who go out of their way to spread a little extra kindness to guests at the various Disney Parks. Do you have a story that you’d like to share with us? If so, write in and tell us about it, you could be featured in a future blog. Until next week, spread a little magic and do something to make someone smile, you never know who could use the extra act of kindness! ~M

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