This week’s Florida Living update is unique for sure! For the past week, we have been working around the clock to put together our first online magazine, The Main Street Monthly! I wish I could say we had other fun things to report about, but truthfully, it’s been all work and no play lately! I miss Disney, but I know all the work is necessary!

I try to stay pretty real with you all when I do my blogs, and what you read is what you get with me. So, on that note, I’m going to talk about my week, from the perspective of trying to make our dreams come true. We have been planning on launching a magazine for a long time now, longer than I even told anyone about. When we launched TMSM back in 2010, and even before in the planning stages, it’s something we talked about. Truthfully, I’d say “yeah right” after those conversations, because I didn’t even know where to begin. Dreaming is good, but doing is a lot harder, especially when you don’t know what to do. We have been trying to get this idea off the ground for a long time, but issues kept cropping up, obstacles were all over, and we had to make some adjustments. Just when I thought we were going to have to put it off again, we were approached by some wonderful people in the Disney field, and they offered to help us get this project off the ground. It’s funny how life doesn’t always go how we assume it will, but I think God puts people in our lives just at the right time, and that’s what happened. We finally had the right team, so it was time to get to work. Lots of planning and ideas were in place, but last week, it was go time, and we had to actually set up the magazine format. My gosh, it’s exhausting.

So, for the past week, I’ve been hiding out in our bedroom office with the hubby, and we’ve been working…. and working….. and working. Sleep? What’s that? The kids have eaten more fast food and snacks in the past week too, they’re loving it but it’s a temporary thing. We just knew in order to make the July 1st deadline, we had to put in as many hours as possible. It’s a learning process, and I know that the more we do this, the less time it will take. The team wanted to put out a quality product, something we all can be proud of, and that’s what we did. When I saw the final copy last night I cried. We did this… and it’s beautiful. The Main Street Monthly is here, and it’s a perfect reflection of what we do at TMSM and our other sites. It’s your one stop shop for all things TMSM, and it’s only 99 cents this month. We kept the price low so that ANY person could download it, we wanted all of our readers who wanted it, to be able to afford to have a copy of their own. It’s always a goal to keep our Main Streeters in mind. The feedback we have gotten so far has been positive, and for that I’m truly thankful.

So, now what? Well, the 4th of July is coming and I need a break! I need to get out of this office, because we’ve been here 24/7 and that’s too long! Once we regroup, it will be time to get ready for the August edition… that’s alright though, because as long as people love what we’re doing, it’s worth it. I have to thank our magazine staff for their work on this amazing project….. Holly, Bill, Eric, Autumn, Greg, Corey, Andrew and Abby,Janet, Cindy and of course Scott for building it all. Our small staff did great things, and it’s a blessing! I’m beat, so that’s it for this week! As always, thank you for following along on our adventures, we really appreciate it. Have a safe and happy July 4th! ~M

You can order The Main Street Monthly for only 99 cents at


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  1. Michelle, love this idea of a magazine. Although I purchased a yearly subscription last night and it mentioned a PDF link, I did not get the PDF link. Has this been fixed yet? I really want to be able to download a PDF version and not just view it in flipbook style. Thank you for all you do.
    Tammy Guerra

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