Tuesday With Corey: Hidden Gems Within EPCOT

0407AS_1820GV.jpg (APRIL 7, 2008): The United States Air Force "Thunderbirds" fly over Spaceship Earth at Epcot April 7, 2008, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The Las Vegas, Nev.-based air demonstration team, celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, took a flight over Walt Disney World Resort following an air show in Punta Gorda, Fla. The Thunderbirds are scheduled to perform April 12-13 at an air show in Lakeland, Fla. (David Roark, photographer)

If you’re anything like me, you’re always searching for that little piece of Walt Disney World knowledge that you didn’t know about. It may be something along the lines of how the ballroom scene in The Haunted Mansion works (I know, I built smaller scale version one time) or that the Tree of Life skeleton is an oil rig. So this week I am going to share some little known hidden secrets of Epcot.

1. This one is more of a film flub in the pre-show of Universe of Energy. During the Jeopardy portion Ellen is losing big time to stupid Judy. When she realizes that she has control over her dreams, she says, “Freeze!”. Except when she says it her lips never move.

2. When standing in the queue for Mission: SPACE and you come up on the gravitational wheel, check out the logo in the center. If you were a fan of Horizons you’ll know that this is the logo for that ride which Mission: SPACE replaced.

3. As you are walking up the walkway into The Land pavilion, check out the walkway itself. You may notice colored pavement. It represents flowing lava. The red is hot lava and the black is the cooled lava.

4. Next time you’re in the U.K. pavilion, check out the fountain that’s there. You’ll find a replica of the dolphin that is on top of the Swan and Dolphin Resort.

5. While standing across the water looking at the Morocco pavilion you’ll notice a building in the distance. This is actually the backside of Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. The backside was made to look Moroccan since it could be seen from Epcot.

6. The grass on top of Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is very real and it is trimmed with small shears by the gardeners.

7. Do you know which Foo Dog is female and which is male at the entrance to the department store at the China pavilion? The male has a foot on a globe and the female had hers on a baby Foo Dog.

8. When sitting in the American Adventure theatre, look closely at the statues along the sides of the walls. Try to find the statue of the farmer. It was sculpted by imagineer and sculptor Blaine Gibson. He carved the farmer in the likeness of his father who was a farmer.

9. In the Morocco pavilion go to the left of the restaurant and you’ll see some metal pointers up on the wall. They may look as if the belong but they don’t here. They are sundial pointers. The Imagineers placed them in a location that doesn’t get any sun leaving them completely useless.

10. Do you have any countries you would like to see added to the World Showcase? There is room for seven more pavilions.

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