lavaIn case you somehow have missed all the commercials, tie ins and articles on the internet, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is being released in theaters tomorrow. Inside Out is an amazing movie and I highly encourage you all to go see it.  Today though I am excited to share with you that Pixar has released an official teaser trailer for the amazing short “Lava” that will run in theaters before Inside Out. Lava’s story is told through an amazing song that I am sure you will fall in love with, and is now available for digital purchase on  iTunes. You see fellow Disney fans, I am letting you know early about the songs availability, because I have had the song for Lava stuck in my head and in my heart since the last week of May, which is when I was fortunate enough to attend a special viewing of Lava hosted by it’s creator and writer James Ford Murphy.

At the presentation on the DVC Member Cruise, I not only learned about the inspiration for the short, Murphy’s honeymoon to Hawaii with his wife 26 years ago, but also insight on the animation and story development itself. I have held off on a full write up on this event to prevent spoilers, but I promise you will be seeing a article all about Lava VERY soon!But until then, I couldn’t wait to share this clip of Uku the volcano  with you. Keep an eye out Lava for his lovely friend Lele. Both of the main characters are voiced by traditional Hawaiian singers, Uku who you will hear in the clip is voiced Kuana Torres Kahele and Lele is voiced by Napua Greig. I truly feel Lava will steal your hearts the way it stole mine the first time I heard it.  I attended the All Access theater event on Tuesday night and still had the same reactions and emotions racing through me as I watched Lava for a second time, even though I knew exactly what would happen! So make sure you get to the theaters early when you are going to see Inside Out so that you don’t miss the heart touching short Lava!

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