When planning your Disney World vacation, if you are traveling with a little girl who is star struck by all things in the Disney Princess world, the number one reservation to book is Cinderella Castle. I am a fan of the breakfast booking, but lunch and dinner work perfectly as well. Why, may you ask, would you spend over $100.00 to eat bacon and eggs surrounded by mini versions of Disney princesses, all sticky with French toast syrup, waving wands in the air and eagerly thumbing through autograph books, attempting to find the “perfect” page for Snow White to sign?

snow white two

Moms and Dads, take it from me, it is money very well spent. Hunting these princesses down all over the park would take an entire day of your vacation. Forget riding Space Mountain or seeing the Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory show; if you skip out on the castle, you will be peering into every grotto, garden and turret trying to track down each and every princess that your little princess just has to meet! Granted, not every princess attends the meal, but you do get to see an impressive royal lineup; starting with a photo shoot with Cinderella. From there you move onto to meeting Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine. And while your little darling gets to cuddle and chat with the princesses, each of whom will stop by your table for a photo, hug and brief conversation, do you know what you get to do?

That’s right…you get to SIT! With a cup of hot coffee! With a full breakfast in front of you; including a tray of delicious baked goods served before your main meal comes out. Oh sure, you have to do the point and click thing with the camera and maybe wipe up some drips of chocolate milk or juice, but it’s a cake walk when you compare it to ambling all over the Magic Kingdom looking for that one princess she just has to meet! With the big five covered, it is not too hard to head over to find Tiana in her garden, Merida with her bow and arrow, and Belle at Enchanted Tales With Belle. Rapunzel can still be a bit of a wait, but she is always at Princess Fairytale Hall. If only Cinderella would invite the ever elusive, three hour wait time, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna to join her for a meal at the castle, then dreams might really come true!

castle breakfast

However, the lack of Elsa aside, breakfast at Cinderella’s castle is always the highlight of my trip with my daughter and the most relaxing part of the entire vacation for me. It is a must do for all who truly want to see the most beautiful spot at the most magical place on earth!

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  1. If I had little ones, I would definitely consider this, because standing in a line on a hot day, wait for our turn is not something I would like to think about. I have seen too many hot, tired, children waiting and waiting for their “favorite princess” only to be so upset and unhappy by the time they got up to her that they could care less and it is the parent who forces them to “finish what they started” so they can get the “BLANK picture”.

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