You Know You Were a 90’s Disney Kid When…

Here’s another one of our fantastic guest blogs, written by Arielle Broadman

You know you were a 90’s Disney Kid if you can relate to the following ~

You were a loyal reader for this magazine:


Does anyone else remember Disney Adventures? I just found a bin in my storage room FULL of these! I remember looking at these magazines over and over. From the comics, to the articles about your favorite boy band (waaaaay before One Direction was around), Disney Adventures was something you always looked forward to getting in the mail!

You Wondered What WAS In a Wonderball?

wonderballIt was candy, in a chocolate ball, in foil, in a box! *Mind blown*. Did you get the Toy Story one, or did you get The Little Mermaid?? You never knew! Oh and it was a miracle if you didn’t break the whole thing by the time you got home. Those things were fragile!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Was Just Full of Important Television Shows


The weekend was officially on when your parents let you stay up to watch TGIF on ABC. Back when Friday night was spent with funny wholesome family sitcoms like Boy Meets World, the whole family could gather around the T.V and enjoy some great shows until the 10 o’clock news came on…but that’s ok, because you had to be up early on Saturday for…

aka: before parent’s got cable and this was the only time you could watch Disney Channel shows…I miss shows like “Doug” and “Recess”, anyone else?

Sunday was a BIG deal in our house. First of all, it was the only night we got to eat pizza or take out food. Secondly, it was the only time we got to eat…in front of the television!! WHAT?! We didn’t have to sit at the table??!! Well of course not because if it was Sunday in 1998 it meant that it was time for…

Even though we had 3/4ths of the movies they showed on VHS, it was still cool to see them on TV (mostly because we didn’t have to be kind and rewind…). It was the perfect time to watch classics like Toothless with Kristie Alley and Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston, along with all the other animated classics as well. Did I mention it was the only day of the week we got to eat…in the living room…


The 90’s was a great time to be a Disney kid (ps: the 90’s didn’t really end until 2003…). It was the good ol’ days, you couldn’t use the phone if someone had to chat on AOL, Toy Story was revolutionary (COMPUTER ANIMATED??? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??!!), and the superhero of the decade was Darkwing Duck (let’s get dangerous). What was your favorite Disney memory of the 90’s??


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