10 Disney Things We Want From Hot Topic Right Now

June 1, 2015 ,

From the Disney Style Blog

Summer is here, which means we’re in search of all the best Disney clothes and accessories to add to our warm weather wardrobe. Our first stop for such fashion undertakings is naturally Hot Topic. When it comes to trinkets for TRUE Disney fans, our pals at Hot Topic know what’s up. Here are the top 10 items we can’t wait to add to our closets:

Tale as Old as Time Tank


Tank as old as time? Tale as old as tank? Whichever pun you prefer, this tank is Beauty and the Beast perfection.
Scrump Bow
Did the folks at Hot Topic get the memo that we love us some Lilo & Stitch? It seems so, because they have the most adorable accessories right now, like this Scrump-inspired bow. Want!
The Lion King Lunchbox
Remember in middle school when everyone carried these cool tin lunchboxes around as purses? Why did we ever stop doing that? Let’s restart the trend with this The Lion King lunchbox!
To Infinity and Beyond Bracelets
This bracelet set is the perfect accessory to wear when you need a little pick-me-up. We like the nod to Buzz in the purple and green braid, too.
Ohana Bangle
See what we’re saying about Lilo & Stitch?! We love this sweet “Ohana means family” bangle.
Mad Hatter Mirror
We’re suckers for some good word art, and we love the way the Mad Hatter’s quote is displayed on this compact mirror.
Never Land Tank
Best Peter Pan tank is best. Would wear this “take me to Never Land” tank to work every day if we could.
Peter Pan Ring
We love the super subtle design of this Peter Pan adjustable ring. #NeverGrowUp
Ariel Hair Brush
True, it’s no dinglehopper, but it will get all the tangles out of your post-swim hair.
Frozen Temp Tattoos
There’s no such thing as too many metallic tattoos. Definitely looking forward to have Olaf on our arm.
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