It’s been awhile, so we’re overdue for our next “That Guy” article! This round of “guys” are inspired by Star Wars Weekends.  This year is the first year that our family got to attend Star Wars Weekends at the Studios, and I have to say, “That Guy” is everywhere.  The force is strong with them….. Please keep in mind, this series of blogs are meant for fun and entertainment purposes, not to make folks feel bad!  So, that being said, lets get right to it!  Have you seen “That Guy” at Star Wars Weekends? Read on to find out!

1.  Star Wars show blocker guy ~ This Guy or Gal is running rampant across the parks, but I’ve never seen it as bad as I did for SWW.  We staked out our spot for the show before the fireworks for a good two hours, and weren’t far back at all. The second the show started, all you could see were I-Pads, phones, kids, etc in the air.  Needless to say, no one could see the show, unless you watched it through someone else’s camera.  Have a little courtesy for the people behind you, no need to hold your I-Pad up in the air as if it were Simba in the Lion King! (This particular Guy is the one I get the most feedback about by the way, people are so frustrated, and I’m totally with you on this one).


Our view of the show below. Basically, no view at all…. and an unhappy 10 year old who is a bit on the small side.


2. Selfie Stick Skywalker ~ Ah yes, the selfie stick. You either love them or you hate them. Just like the show blocker Guy, the Selfie Stick Skywalker not only blocks your view for a show, he also swings them around like a light saber in attempts to achieve that perfect selfie. Watch out for this guy, he could leave bruises if you’re not careful!

3. Boba Fett Bummer Guy ~ The Boba Fett Steins are hugely popular this year at SWW. Everyone seems to want one, and they do sell out early, or at least they did the past two weekends. If you’re looking for a stein, don’t be that guy who buys them in mass quantity, just like the Cinderella Popcorn Bucket Guy! Save some for your fellow Disney goers. There are plenty to go around if people don’t go overboard and be That Guy. Yep, it’s a bummer! (just a tip, get back to Darth’s Mall early in the day to get your Boba Fett Stein! That’s when I got mine!)


4. The Unofficial Light Saber Tester Guy ~ Just like with the Selfie Stick Skywalker Guy, this guy can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention. Because of the theme of the weekend, you do see people walking around with toy Light Sabers or playing with them more in the stores. This Guy feels the need to swing around said light sabers and test out their fighting skills, regardless if there are people around or not. So, watch out for this guy too, you don’t want to go home with a black eye!

5. The Loud Crowd Heckler Guy ~ In the afternoons at SWW, Ashley Eckstein hosts a trivia game show, between a chosen family from the audience and some Dark Side characters. Some of the questions are easy, some a bit more challenging. But the Heckler Guy yells out the answers, before the players are given a chance to think. What’s even worse, is if the players give the wrong answer….. Heckler Guy likes to rip off comments like “how could you not know that?” and “What kind of Star Wars Fan are you?” Hey now Sir, it’s all in fun, don’t be mean! No need to be That Guy for sure!


6. Character Line Cutter Guy ~ The lines to meet the characters at SWW are really long! This is due to the fact that guests can meet characters that they don’t normally get to have pictures with. The line for Chewbacca, for example, is extremely long and can be over an hour wait. The Character Line Cutter Guy doesn’t want to wait that long, and tries to squeeze in the line closer to the front, causing people behind to feel a bit unhappy about that. Sure, no one WANTS to wait over an hour for a character meet up, but if you really want that photo opportunity, please don’t be That Guy and cut people off, wait like the rest of us! Oh, and don’t give the Cast Members a hard time for sending you to the back of the line, they’re only doing their job!

7. Star Trek Guy ~ It’s Star Wars Weekends, not Star Trek Weekends… and yes there’s a difference. Star Wars fans are extremely particular about their fandom, and get up in arms when they see people in Star Trek costumes at their events. I’m not hugely into Star Wars, so I didn’t understand why this is a major offence. After going to Star Wars Weekends, I now see what happens when people dress in the wrong attire. The hecklers come out! Don’t put yourself in that situation, save the Star Trek attire for another time! It’s probably not the best time to make that Spock hand signal either, just saying.


So, that’s it for this edition of “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney.” Again, it’s all in good fun, no harm meant! So after reading this round…. Have you seen That Guy? Or, maybe you can laugh at yourself, because you are indeed That Guy sometimes! We all have our moments. I think it’s just about common courtesy for the guests around you, so we all have a nice experience while at a Disney park. It’s not hard to do! If you have and experience or an example of That Guy, please write in and let us know! You could be featured in an upcoming article. Until the next time, have fun and Don’t Be That Guy at Disney!

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