How Well You Do You Know The Pixar Film Brave

May 27, 2015 ,

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. They say that our destiny is not our own, but we know better. Your fate lives within you; you only have to be Brave enough to take this quiz:


1. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of Merida’s brothers?
a. Humphrey
b. Hamish
c. Hubert
d. Harris

2. What did Fergus lose in his fight with Mor’du?

a. His left hand
b. His right leg
c. His left leg
d. His right foot

3. Which is NOT the name of one of the suitors fighting for Merida’s hand?

a. Lord MacIntosh
b. Lord Dingwall
c. Lord MacGuffin
d. Lord MacDonald

4. When Merida slashes Elinor’s tapestry, what does Elinor do?

a. Begins to cry
b. Throws her bow in the fire
c. Tells Merida to leave
d. Call Fergus for help

5. What is Merida’s horse named?

a. Angus
b. Arnold
c. Alastair
d. Ansel

6. What is the profession of the witch whom Merida meets?

a. Woodcarver
b. Seamstress
c. Animal Trainer
d. Blacksmith

7. In exchange for the potion, what does Merida give the witch?

a. Her bow
b. Her crown
c. A tapestry
d. A medallion

8. Finish the quote: “Fate be changed, look inside…”

a. “Let your heart be your guide”
b. “Mend the bond torn by pride”
c. “May the strife be cast aside”
d. “Hold your own or be a bride”

9. What do the triplets use to distract Fergus during his bear chase?

a. A bear puppet
b. A sock animal
c. A chicken on a stick
d. A duck call

10. When will the witch’s spell become permanent?

a. On the third day
b. In twelve hours
c. On the Equinox
d. On the second sunrise

11. What does Merida use to turn her mother into a bear?

a. A poison drink
b. A jam tart
c. A cursed necklace
d. A magic flower



1. a. Humphrey
2. c. His left leg
3. d. Lord MacDonald
4. b. Throws her bow in the fire
5. a. Angus
6. a. Woodcarver
7. d. A medallion
8. b. “Mend the bond torn by pride”
9. c. A chicken on a stick
10. d. On the second sunrise
11. b. A jam tart

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