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For those of us who had to grow up without a sister, and still haven’t forgiven our parents for giving us no siblings–or worse, a brother–a sister is a magical thing. Like a unicorn, she exists in a fantasy world, always just out of reach. Then Frozen came out, and basically confirmed all of our suspicions that having a sister was the greatest, so we decided to outline exactly why, because we really need to vent about this (and because we love Anna and Elsa).

You Always Have a Built-In Playmate


Yes, we would like to build a snowman, thank you for asking.

Protecting Each Other Comes First, No Matter What


While Anna might not understand it at this point, Elsa is trying to save her from making an epically bad decision. She isn’t concerned whether or not it will make Anna mad at her, she just wants to do right by her sister.

Matching Likes and Dislikes


If we had a sister who loved chocolate as much as we do, we could be eating double the chocolate. While the math may be off on that, we stand by the sentiment.

Heart-Thawing is Always an Option


We mean this quite literally. Although Elsa and Anna’s distant relationship got them into this rather unfortunate situation, ultimately their love for each other got them out. That’s the type of sisterly bond you just can’t duplicate with a stuffed animal who you pretend is your sister. Trust us on this one.

You Can Learn From Each Other


Anna and Elsa are stronger together than they are apart because their differing personalities compliment each other. Elsa learns that love is stronger than fear, and Anna learns that marrying a guy she just met, is, in fact, crazy.

Double the Wardrobe

ALL DRESSED UP — Elsa celebrates Anna's birthday by throwing a party full of surprises and presents, including summer dresses, until Elsa's icy powers have a few unintended consequences. The all-new Walt Disney Animation Studios short "Frozen Fever" opens in front of "Cinderella" on March 13, 2015. ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Probably the greatest part of having a sister (in our fantasy) is getting to share a wardrobe! (Also if that sister can use the elements to make you a birthday dress, that would be ideal, but we’re trying to be practical here.)

Ice Skating Parties on the Regular


This needs no explanation, ice skating is the best.

Do you have a sister (or pretend that Anna and Elsa are your sisters)? Tell us in the comments!


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