Technology in Disney Movies That We Wish Really Existed

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Disney fans, some of you may have noticed that we live in the future. Look at the facts: we all carry pocket computers around, we can talk to people anywhere in the world in real-time, and we don’t even have to churn our own butter anymore. But why stop and be satisfied with 2015’s tech when Disney movies have always reminded us to keep moving forward? A better world is possible, and the futuristic technology in Disney movies has us constantly dreaming of it. With that in mind, here are some handy Disney gadgets that we wish really existed.

Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror


When you feel like wearing something risky and daring, like a hat, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mirror that keeps things 100% real? Like a sassy best friend who would literally tell you to your face that you look silly? Conversely, when it says you look fierce, you’d know it’s a verifiable fact.

Dug’s Collar


We often stare at our pups and wonder what on earth is going through their weird minds. When your dog gets the zoomies, or starts barking at a plant, or crashes into a wall, don’t you wish that a collar existed that could translate their exact reasoning into human language? (As a bonus, your dog could finally tell you what his or her real name is in dog language.)

Magic Carpet


Sure, we have flying technology, but is that technology a semi-sentient, fully portable rug that runs off zero energy and has a knack for saving the day? No … not yet, at least. Our fingers remain firmly crossed.

Inflatable Flying Healthcare Companions

"BIG HERO 6" — Pictured (L-R): Hiro & Baymax. "Big Hero 6" is in theaters Nov. 7, 2014. ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

So Baymax, as it turns out, was based on real technology that actually exists on this here earth. However, liberties were still taken in the name of movie magic, and we cannot currently fly around a city with a Baymax. But maybe someday soon!

Doors That Connect Us to Other Dimensions


If there exist alternate dimensions in which monsters live, love, and learn, it would be nice to be able to conveniently access them via doorways. Think of what Monstropolis could teach us about renewable energy. Maybe we could power our world via monsters’ sneezes or something?

Literally Everything in Meet the Robinsons


If movies have taught us anything, it’s that time travel has no potential for negative consequences whatsoever. Plus, Lewis’ memory scanner would come in handy for poring over our childhood memories in search of proof that we were baby geniuses whose development plateaued as a result of not being adequately challenged.

Traveling by Map


This one’s straightforward enough. What if you need to get to a second location, but don’t have the time/energy/resources to go about getting there? Simple: you press the big red button to travel by map, and you’re there.

Yzma’s Potions


Some might argue that transforming someone from human to nonhuman is magic, but they would be wrong. Kronk and Yzma are wearing lab coats, for heaven’s sakes. Anything you do while wearing a lab coat is science. (And safety goggles! Somewhere in the world, our high school chemistry teachers are beaming with pride.)

More Disney movie futuristic goodness is on the horizon with Tomorrowland, coming to theaters May 22. Check out the trailer here!



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