UntitledIn October of 2013 Disney Parks replaced their old GAC system with the new Disability Access Service (DAS) program. Prior to today guests in need of a DAS would go to Guest Relations, explain why a card would help them in the park, and then a paper card was issued that had the guest’s photo and an area for attraction return time information to be recorded as well as marked out once the guest returned and visited the attraction. Guests would then go to an attraction to be issued a return time based on the current queue’s wait time and once that time arrived return to the ride’s FP+ check in area with their party. Today changes been made to the DAS program in Walt Disney World bringing it in line with the changes that were made to the Disneyland system in November*. In November of 2014 Disneyland modified their DAS program so that guests now use their ticket media in place of the DAS Booklet. Starting today WDW guests will have their DAS attached to their MagicBand or RFID enabled ticket.

Guests receiving a DAS for the first time will still go to Guest Relations and advocate for a DAS. If a DAS is provided first time users receiving a DAS will still sign the DAS terms and conditions and have a DAS ID set up in the system with their photo. Guests will still receive a piece of paper to help them keep track of their return times but this paper will not be used at the attractions to issue return times. This change applies to all guests using the DAS program. All individuals who plan on riding with the DAS holder will need to be present at Guest Relations so that their MagicBands can be scanned as well as their band will need to be connected to the DAS holder’s information. If a guest is not attached to the DAS holder’s information, they will not be able to “scan in” when the DAS holder returns to check in at the FP+.  Only one return time will be issued at a time per party just like with the “booklet”. The procedure for issuing return times has not changed.

Attaching the DAS to the MagicBand/Ticket this will help ensure that guests only have one DAS issued to their party at one time. Issues with parties “stacking” multiple DAS return times led to this change.  This means that families that have multiple DAS holders that want to ride different rides will need to work their DAS return times, FP+ options, and shorter lines to better accommodate their ride style or they will need separate family members onto different DAS ID portfolios at the start of the day.

In Disneyland Cast Members verify the DAS holder is present by using the same ticket scanner used at the front gate. This scanner pulls up the ticket holders photo when the ticket media is read and the Cast Member compares the photo on the scanner to the person in front of them. We have not heard if these scanners  or the screens at the FP+ check in areas will used at Walt Disney World for DAS return times.

*Diseyland’s “Modified DAS Message and FAQ – 11/19/14” pdf can be downloaded here.
**Guests that already have a current DAS card will probably need to stop at Guest Relations to have their DAS information updated, this has not yet been confirmed by Disney. Renewing guests will still follow the same renewal procedures as before.


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