TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Special Magic, Special Cast Member!


It’s Thursday, and time for our weekly Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney twist blog! Sharing feel good stories is one of my favorite things about TMSM, especially when we are talking about Cast Members. Disney Cast Members work their magic all the time, and this weeks story involves my boys and a special CM who made their night extra magical. Let me explain.

On Sunday evening we were at the Magic Kingdom with friends and the kids. It was getting late, Wishes had just ended and we decided to start walking back towards Fantasyland to take some pics and walk around. As we were walking, we saw a Cast Member giving a little girl a castle looking ice cream sundae and we stopped to see what was going on. I didn’t hear the story, but we wanted to take a picture anyway because I knew something special was happening for that family. We asked the Cast Member, whose name is Amelia, if she would mind if we took a picture. Instead of taking a pic of the little girls ice cream, Amelia asked my boys if they would follow her, but she didn’t say why. She told the boys that Mickey Mouse himself helps her pick out special guests to offer a little extra magic to, and they were next. Yes, they were excited, so we all followed her.

We walked across the way and Amelia asked if we could wait for her for just a few minutes, then she went inside a door. Before she did though, she asked Aidan (my younger one) if he walked by the Castle earlier in the day, and when he said yes, she said that she thought so and that Mickey talked to her about him. My gosh, the smile on his face was priceless. Anyhow, we stood and waited for a short time, then Amelia came out with not one but two ice cream treats for the boys. One was a Castle sundae like the other child had gotten, the other was a Mickey Mouse sundae with cookies for ears with lots of whipped cream. Amelia told the boys that they were special and Mickey wanted them to have these treats. They were so excited. Afterwards, she told me that she couldn’t let the kids take pictures of someone else receiving some extra magic, and that they deserved to have some magic of their own. She really did create that for them, they were thrilled and we really appreciated what she did.


We always hear stories from readers about magical experiences that they’ve received courtesy of special Cast Members, and I love sharing what they tell me. This time however, the magic happened to my own family, and it was the perfect ending to our day at the Magic Kingdom. We never expected anything like that, but it’s something we won’t forget. Amelia really has the Disney spirit in her. She oozes Disney magic, she truly loves her job and it shows. The time she took with my boys and the enthusiasm she showed for what she was doing was awesome, and I truly thank her for that. She will always have two fans now who will surely be on the lookout for her while at the Magic Kingdom, my boys Aidan and Andrew.

If you have a special experience with a Cast Member, be sure to stop at Guest Services on your way out and let them know. That was done for Amelia that night, and I know there are many deserving cast members who would appreciate the acknowledgement. When someone goes the extra mile to show a bit more kindness, it really does go a long, long way! Thanks for reading this weeks kindness blog, and thanks again to Amelia at the Magic Kingdom for being so magically wonderful! Until next week, be kind to someone, make them smile….. you never know who could really use it! ~M

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