Every now and then I come across a yummy treat at Disney that sticks out and deserves an honorable mention. I think we’re going to start giving foodie shout outs so that Main Streeters who are planning a trip will have something yummy to look forward to! Today, I’d like to mention the Mickey Mousse Cupcake!

The Mickey Mousse Cupcake also comes in a Minnie Mousse version, and is something that we found while visiting the Poly Resort over the weekend. The cake itself is chocolate, and the dome on the top is a cold, solid chocolate mousse which is amazing! The ears are made of Oreo cookies, which is the perfect addition. The Mickey Mousse cupcake is a chocolate lovers delight, and the mousse on top is something that you’re sure to enjoy, it’s awesome! So, the next time you’re at Disney World and are thinking of having a chocolate fix, remember the Mickey Mousse Cupcake, you’ll be glad you did!

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