The Disney Store Releases Limited Availability Vintage Tommorowland Attraction Shirts


The Disney Store has released two new limited availability shirts this week that honor vintage Tomorrowland attractions . This week’s shirts showcase the classic Walt Disney World  “If You Had Wings” and the classic Disneyland “Adventure Thru Inner Space” attractions. The shirts have limited availability and can only be ordered from 3/30-4/5/15 or while supplies last. Also for a limited time, while supplies last, fans can purchase two of these shirts for $40.

“Adventure Thru Inner Space” opened August 5, 1967 and closed September 2, 1985 in Disneyland’s Tommorowland. It allowed guests to travel through the Mighty Microscope and explore the world of the atom.  The limited edition shirt has an “Adventure Thru Inner Space” logo on the front and classic Disneyland long on the back. “Adventure Thru Inner Space” is available in Men, Women and Kids sizing options.



“If You Had Wings” opened in Walt Disney World’s Tommorowland on June 5, 1972 and closed on June 1, 1987. The ride was originally sponsored by Eastern Air Line and took riders on a flight to the Caribbean and other locations that Eastern flew to. On June 6, 1987 the ride re-opened as “If You Could Fly”, the differences between “IYHW” and “IYCF” visually were few but the original rides them song was removed. “If You Could Fly” closed in 1989 and later was updated and renamed “Delta Dreamflight” sponsored by Delta Airlines. In 1996 when Delta pulled sponsorship Disney renamed the ride “Disney’s Take Flight” and it was finally completely closed to make way for “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin”. The limited edition shirt has distressed screen art, a classic Walt Disney World and “If You Had Wings” icon logos on front and logo on the back. The “If You Had Wings” shirt is available in Men and Women sizing options.

74050563215407405056321540-27405056321540-1Both shirts were created especially for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts.  To find these shirts visit and select the Parks Product tab at the top of the site, then go to the Limited Release section.

*The Vintage Tomorrowland Attraction shirt series will take 4-6 weeks from point of purchase for delivery.



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