Meet Easter Bunnies and Life Sized Flowers at the Magic Kingdom this Week!


It’s the Monday before Easter, and things are looking quite festive across Disney World! The parks will be really busy this week and next as families will be traveling here for Spring Break. If you are making the journey to Disney World and are going to the Magic Kingdom, be sure to take a minute to stop for a photo!

Mr. and Mrs Easter Bunny are adorable and available for a photo opportunity as soon as you walk into the Magic Kingdom, all the way to the left hand side of the train station. The Bunnies are dressed in their Easter best and take time to interact with guests for a great experience. One little note, the Bunnies do NOT sign autograph books! Instead of signing your book, they give you a little Easter egg note for you to keep to remember your experience!



Also while you’re at the Magic Kingdom, be sure to stop by the new hub area near Casey’s Corner! To my surprise, there were two life sized flower characters that you can take photos with at certain times throughout the afternoon. I had never seen them before, the costumes are really pretty! All in all, Disney is a beautiful place to be this time of year, and I hope you enjoy your vacation! Happy Easter! ~M


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