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We all have role models, but the one with the most swagger is definitely Captain Jack Sparrow. In fact, here at Oh My Disney we try to add a little Jack Sparrow to our everyday. Basically, we spend a lot of time thinking about the Captain, and thusly we’ve identified some things he does that we too want to achieve. We’ve put them together, in listicle form, because they are an inspiration to us all.

1.  Have a monkey named after you.


…Even if the name was meant as an insult. Still counts.

2.  Participate in a high-speed (carriage) chase.


Medium-speed will also do. Balancing on top of a moving carriage, the wind blowing through our hair, this is our dream.

3.  Gain an audience with the King of England.


Or any monarch for that matter. We’d prefer that this audience be granted under better circumstances than Jack’s… say, us being knighted.

4.  Make a stunning entrance.


Even if it’s on a sinking ship, Captain Jack Sparrow knows how to make an entrance. The next time we enter the turnstiles at Disneyland we’ll try to look as majestic and poised.

5.  Swing from a chandelier.


This just looks like fun.

6.  Follow a treasure map.


…And find treasure. We mean actual treasure. We know it’s waiting out there for us. We’re coming for it.

7.  Outrun adoring fans.


Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow is outrunning cannibals in this example, but they really did adore him. They treated Jack like a king until it was time to eat him. The public is equally as mercurial. One day, people will love us and want to chase us, and one day we will be in good enough shape to stay just out of reach.

8.  Fearlessly jump off a cliff into a large body of water.


Maybe not off a cliff, but we’d like to conquer at least one of our fears during our lifetime. We’ll start with heights, and work our way to spiders, and then the cliff. Maybe.

9.  Sword fight Will Turner.


Especially if we were sword fighting in chocolate powder. We will also settle for eating chocolate with Will. Or just meeting him. Or just standing near him.

10.  Master the art of accessorizing.


Captain Jack Sparrow’s style is on point. He knows that less is not more. More is more.

These are just a few of our life goals inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow. Ones that didn’t quite make the list include, “come back from the dead” and “rope a couple of sea turtles with back hair to make a raft.” Unfortunately we are not pirate-y enough for those endeavors.

Do you have any Jack Sparrow-inspired life goals? Tell us in the comments!


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