Guess the Disney Character From Their Costume

Guess the Disney Character From Their Costume 1

You’ve watched every Disney movie more times than you count. You’ve probably dressed up as a Disney character every year for Halloween. But, can you pick out which Disney character it is based on just a small swatch of their costume? It’s time to put your Disney knowledge to the test:

1. Whose costume is this?
LittleMermaid_c95ca881a. Ariel
b. Cinderella
c. Megara
d. Aurora


2. Whose costume is this?
Pirates_85492c0aa. Prince Edward
b. Jack Sparrow
c. Prince Kit
d. Will Turner


3. Whose costume is this?
Frozen_fc14e81ea. Elsa
b. Belle
c. Tinker Bell
d. Anna


4. Whose costume is this?
Enchanted_083ec705a. Tiana
b. Giselle
c. Aurora
d. Elizabeth Swan


5. Whose costume is this?
Belle_6f11482ea. Belle
b. Snow White
c. Ariel
d. Alice


6. Whose costume is this?
Aladdin_d83649c5a. Prince Eric
b. Tarzan
c. Aladdin
d. Beast


7. Whose costume is this?
Mary-Poppins_3ab8eef5a. Queen Clarisse
b. Miss Price
c. Mrs. Banks
d. Mary Poppins


8. Whose costume is this?
Alice-in-Wonderland_7f51b163a. Queen Narissa
b. Alice
c. Princess Mia
d. The Red Queen


9. Whose costume is this?
Tangled_cf03ba20a. Mulan
b. Rapunzel
c. Merida
d. Ariel


10. Whose costume is this?
Snow-White_04668c44a. Maleficent
b. Mother Gothel
c. Evil Queen
d. Madam Mim


11. Whose costume is this?
PATFTiana_84f3a7f5a. Anna
b. Tinker Bell
c. Belle
d. Tiana


12. Whose costume is this?
Cinderella_7c623b3f a. Snow White
b. Cinderella
c. Alice
d. Wendy




1. a. Ariel
2. b. Jack Sparrow
3. d. Anna
4. b. Giselle
5. a. Belle
6. c. Aladdin
7. d. Mary Poppins
8. b. Alice
9. b. Rapunzel
10. c. Evil Queen
11. d. Tiana
12. b. Cinderella


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