9 Disney Moments That Will Make You Believe You CAN Even

March 10, 2015 , ,

From the Oh My Disney Blog:

The phrase “I can’t even,” while tempting to use as a catch-all reaction to life’s difficulties, is just honestly inaccurate, and do you want to be that guy who’s always telling lies? We’re here today to tell you that you CAN, in fact, even, and we have the inspirational Disney moments to prove it. Read them and get ready to turn your can’ts into cans and your goals into plans!

When Mulan Gets the Arrow


…AND THEN THROWS IT AT SHANG’S FEET. Take notes: that’s how you make a statement. Also, using the weights as a tool instead of an obstacle is probably a deep metaphor for life or whatever.

When Rapunzel Leaves Her Tower


Instead of tiptoeing gingerly into the outside world she’s never explored, Rapunzel flies down her hair like her tower’s on fire. Rumor has it that the rough cut of the film included her screaming, “YES I CAAAAN.” We know this rumor is real because we just started it now.

When Elsa Sings “Let It Go”


You knew this one was coming. Elsa’s power ballad remains a staple in our daily arsenal of reminders that we can even, along with pep talks in the mirror and regular high fives with coworkers.

When Quasimodo Screams “Sanctuary!”


When you look up “epic” in the dictionary, you see “adj. heroic or grand in scale, remarkable,” because that’s how dictionaries work. But if there were any justice in the world, you’d see this picture instead.

When Hercules Goes the Distance


When Hercules found out he was the banished son of a Greek god, did he collapse on the cold stone floor of the Temple of Zeus and announce that he “could not even”? No. No, he did not. If ever you’re feeling like a zero, take heart in the knowledge that you too can grow into a hero.

When Simba Returns to Pride Rock to Take Care of Business


Simba definitely had his moment of “can’t even,” namely his Hakuna Matata time in the jungle, but then Nala and Rafiki and even Mufasa reminded him that he can. Then he was back on Pride Rock all “I’m not dead yet!” and “You’ll not get away with that Scar!” You probably have people supporting and encouraging you, too—listen to them!

 When Ariel Reprises “Part of Your World” and the Waves Crash Perfectly


Believe in your dreams enough, and even the sea will conspire to help you end your big moment on a crescendo.

When Pocahontas Saves John Smith


If ever you find yourself in that particular pickle where you’re afraid that standing up for what you believe in will alienate people you love, remember Pocahontas’ high stakes and just do what you need to do.

When Tiana Opens Her Restaurant


Tiana overcame financial hardship, naysayers, and a voodoo curse to make her dream a reality, and not once did she say “I can’t,” so neither should you!

Follow your dreams, Disney fans!

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