Things You Only Notice After You’ve Watched Frozen for the Hundredth Time

Obviously we’re big fans of Frozen; we talk about it all the time. So it goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyways) that we’ve watched the movie a lot. Like a lot a lot. But you know what? Every time we watch this new classic we see something new. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Today, we’re highlighting things that one only sees on one’s hundredth viewing on Frozen. Here we go:

Anna Adorably Almost Falls Off Elsa’s Bed


This is so freakin’ adorable we almost can’t handle it.

The Doorway in the Great Hall Forms an “A” For “Arendelle”


Whoever designed this castle was very patriotic.

Anna’s Nightgown Grows With Her


It’s almost exactly the same! Except for the longer sleeves and extra rosemaling. We like to think that the older you get in Arendelle, the more rosemaling you’re allowed to wear.

Elsa Has Ladies in Waiting


We’ve always seen these women as Elsa walks past them on her way to be coronated, but it recently dawned on us that they’re her ladies. How awesome is that? We wonder if they’re friends? If she ever confides in them?

Oaken Has Some Wood-Carved Trolls on His Counter


Are they part of the big summer blowout?

…And Outside his Shop


Dude just really like trolls, we guess.

Hans Has His Winter Coat With Him


How did he know he’d need it? Is he psychic as well as evil?

Elsa’s Hair Tie is a Teeny Tiny Snowflake


This is so perfect. We applaud the animator who thought to include this in her ensemble.

The Ground Where the Trolls Lives Looks Like the Globe


At least we think it does.

Sven is Thrilled When Anna and Elsa Hug it Out


Look at that smile. We don’t think Sven really ever smiles in the film until this moment.

What have you noticed on your many viewings of Frozen? Tell is in the comments!


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