From the Oh My Disney blog:

Frozen Fever is coming to theaters March 13, with Cinderella! To tide you over, (less than a month to go!) we’re very excited to be able to share a new trailer for the short! It takes places on Anna’s birthday and everyone (Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and a few other familiar faces) are all planning her a party. Sisterly love and magic clearly ensue:

The new song (written by Robert and Kristen Lopez who wrote the music for the film) is already stuck in your head, right? Us too. So let’s relive some of our favorite new trailer moments.

When Elsa Creeps Up on Anna to Wake Her Up


We’ve laughed at this every time we’ve watched the trailer…and let us tell you, that’s a lot of times.

When Olaf is Caught Eating Cake


This is us. This is our whole lives in a GIF.

When Anna and Elsa Finally Get to Ride Their Bike Around the Halls


We’ve truly come full circle.

Okay, we could GIF all day but we (sadly) have other things to do. So tell us: What was your favorite part of the Frozen Fever trailer?


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