Villain Spotlight Series: Mother Gothel

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Mother Gothel is one of those sinister villains who lures people in with promises of hugs and delicious hazelnut soup. We know from the beginning that she’s evil, but she’s such a good liar that she still pulls the wool over our eyes at times. However, when she starts with the backhanded compliments it becomes very clear that she’s sinister to the core. Let’s review some of Mother Gothel’s best (and worst) moments.

Mother Gothel is just utterly evil from the moment we see her.


She steals a baby. That’s the very definition of being a villain. (Look it up.)

Her evil plan is actually kind of genius (in a way we absolutely don’t support).


If only that Flynn Rider wasn’t so daring and adventurous.

She’s really good at the whole ‘lull you into a false sense of security’ thing.


Especially when it’s for her own gain.

She could teach a class in sarcastic banter.


Her words are just dripping with disdain.

Mother Gothel is also a supreme schemer.


You can almost see her mind working.

It’s probably wrong to root for the bad guy, but…


She’s so intimidating that we’re actually impressed.

She’s also kind of a fashion icon.


She is WORKING that cloak.


In our minds, Mother Gothel’s most villainous deed is when she lies to Rapunzel and ruins her perfect lantern moment.


Not cool, Mother Gothel. Not cool.

Still, evil is never rewarded.


No matter how comforting her secretly insincere hugs are.

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