Today, February 13th, is the birthday of my girl with a dream.  If you remember from the film “Tangled”, Rapunzel sings the song I’ve Got A Dream and that explains Michele more than most realize.  We talked about what would become The Main Street Mouse back in 2008.  We threw the idea around for sometime before sitting down and putting it all into motion.  Things were a lot different then and we had to make a lot of changes to get it to what it is today, but Michele never gave up.  She always had her goal, her plans and most importantly her DREAM of a great big Disney family.

Everyday I see Michele get up and instantly start looking on Facebook and checking email to see if anything happened while she slept.  Then I see her start checking news stories and answering emails.  She dedicates almost every minute of the day.  She devotes the majority of each day to The Main Street Mouse in some way or some shape.  When she is out, having what we call a “Family” day she still is taking pictures and notes in order to write her next blog.  She is still checking email and social media to make sure everyone is playing nicely.  Some people may think she makes a fortune doing all this work, but that isn’t close to the truth.  She does this because she loves what she has created, she loves that so many people came together wanting the same thing she wanted, a safe and fun place to talk about her favorite place on Earth.  She is so humble, when she runs into someone in a park or downtown Disney or even at Universal’s CityWalk and they know her, she blushes and gets tears in her eyes.  Everyday I grow more and more proud of what she has done and what she will accomplish.  The only thing she has ever asked is that people get along and respect each other, that’s it.  Her values are always in place, treat others as you want to be treated and if you know her, she respects everyone and cares about all people.

Michele, keep doing what your doing, you make me proud each and everyday and I for one will help you accomplish all your dreams with this and whatever comes in the future.  I love you more each day and am so proud to have you as my EVERYTHING.  Happy Birthday Baby, enjoy your first Disney Birthday!!!!



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