Pixar Uses for Everyday Objects

From lessons in love to advice on friendship, there are plenty of things to learn from Pixar movies. Some, however, are a little less abstract and a little more weirdly specific. Get through life’s unique conundrums with this handy list of Pixar uses for everyday objects.

1. Fire extinguisher as mode of transportation.


Have you ever dreamed of soaring through space but just can’t find the time, resources, training, or money to do it? Follow in WALL-E’s tread-steps, and use that fire extinguisher as an anti-gravity propeller next time you find yourself floating between planets.

2. Soda cap as badge of honor.


Cotton and thread scout patches are so 2008. Carl, as always, is one step ahead of the fashion game with his keen eye for vintage style. Add some mixed materials to your scout sash with a touch of bottlecap metal. Don’t get us started on that added sentimental value.

3. Animal cracker box as circus car.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle those old snack boxes and start your own bug circus! It’s simple. Step 1: Eat two boxes of animal crackers. Step 2: Cut out wheels and attach to boxes at the hub. Step 3: Train a dozen or so insects to do circus tricks and speak English. Easy peasy!

4. Traffic cones as a disguise.


Ever find yourself in a pinch like this? Sure you have. If you’re brave enough (and small enough) just get under a traffic cone. Perfect for a quick weekend run to Al’s Toy Barn in an attempt to rescue your friend who’s being shipped off to Japan for forever.

5. Tires as a local monument.


Ever dream of an Italian getaway but don’t have the funds for the funs? Bring a slice of Italy to your very own hometown with a few dozen tires (and some careful architectural engineering). It’s a Pisa cake.

6. Funnel, snorkel, oven mitts, flippers, and strainer as childproof wear.


Kid germs are no match for this eclectic look. Protect your eyeball(s) with a smart strainer, and be sure to cover those hands and feet with the silliest-looking accessories you can find. Glad to be 2319-free!

7. Leaves as a bird.


Next time you’re looking for a way to escape an evil band of grasshoppers, find some ant friends to build a very realistic bird as a scare tactic. All it takes is some leaves, twigs, and Dot’s trusty Blueberry troop.

8. Toothpaste cap and acorn as drinking cups.


Good glassware is hard to come by in the sewer, so Remy & Co. have to get clever to get water. Take a sip from a toothpaste cap for a minty aftertaste or an acorn top for a subtle nuttiness. The world (of tiny, open-top, hollow, cylindrical objects) is your oyster.



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