Chilling Challenge: What’s Hiding Inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park?

January 31, 2015 ,

From our friend, Erin Glover, Social Media Director, Disneyland Resort and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.


Now that Jack Skellington has given the Haunted Mansion back to its 999 happy haunts, the classic attraction is open once again for Disneyland park guests. And those with a keen eye will notice something strange when they leave the mansion and enter its spooky cemetery on their Doom Buggies … but what disquieting metamorphosis is happening in this space? Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll tell you as soon as this specter receives your sympathetic vibrations and is ready to materialize!

Once I get word from Erin with the answer, i’ll be sure to share it with you all.  Is there anyone that has been and knows exactly what she is speaking about?

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