Asher and the Reindeer Part 5

December 27, 2014 ,

Over the last few months on of TMSM’s New Zealand Members Sam wrote and shared a story with us about Santa’s Reindeer and their connections to Disney. We wanted to share these stories with you over the holiday season. Charlie and His Reindeer is a five part, 10 chapter story the we will be sharing with you over the next few days. Please remember when reading this the author was originally written on Sam’s cell phone, and that same is a 16 year old from New Zealand so some of their slang and word usage is different that ours here in the US.

charlieAsher and the Reindeer Part 5 by Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

Chapter Eight: Training.

Day 1
Asher awoke startled, he thought he was hearing voices in his head, as he became more awake he realized that he was hearing voices but not from inside his head but from his earpiece, he had crashed so hard last night that he’d forgotten to take it out, he pressed his hoof to it and let out a huge yawn “morning’ all” he heard multiple yawns over the earpiece, “c’mon you lazy hoofers, training starts today, get up, get ready and meet me in front of the Haunted Mansion in 30”, Asher realized that it was Dashers voice. A knock came from his door “Get up Asher” Alpha screamed, “yelling at me won’t get me up any faster, what time is it?” “5:36” he heard Jays voice, “it’s too early” Asher complained, “Agreed” this time he heard Bits voice, his door then opened and Alphas head appeared “look if you want to be kicked off being a trainee just tell us and we’ll head off without you, otherwise haul your lazy hoof out here and let’s go meet Dasher”, Asher replied “but we got like half an hour”, “its 5:52 Asher, we have to meet Dasher in eight minutes” “ok I’m up I’m up, I’m not” “ASHER!!!” The four of them met up with the other trainees just outside the apartment, they then headed over to Critter Country, it was still dark out but Disneyland was busy with CMs getting ready for the day, they saw Dasher waiting impatiently outside the Mansion.
Dasher lead them backstage to a large court with a large brick wall at one end, the Great Eight had assembled near the brick wall. “Ok first of all we’re going to teach you the Christmas Fantasy part of the dance” Dasher announced, the Great Eight got into formation and the music started, they did the first section of the performance with perfection “alright trainees, get into a two by four formation and try to follow along” the trainees scrambled to get into formation “Rudolf, lead your team, get them sorted” “alright, uhhhh me and Cy will be front, then Sky and Jay behind us, Asher and Kidd behind them and then Bit and Alpha at the back” they got into formation and the music played, Rudolf followed his dad with near perfection, Cy on the other hand struggled, Alpha stepped up and said “alright, this formation is clearly not working, I suggest that Asher goes up front with Ru, Sky and Jay swap with Kidd and Cyrus, and me and Bit stay at the back” they looked at him in shock “just a suggestion” he lowered his head wishing that he hadn’t spoken up “Alphas got some leadership in him, I agree swap around and do it again” Dasher said, the trainees swapped their positions and did the dance again, this time it wasn’t so bad “it still doesn’t look right, Jay and Sky head back to where you were” Alpha informed them again, “once again from the top” Dasher commanded. The trainees spent the next few hours watching and practicing over and over again with Dasher and the other Great Eights help and guidance. It was now midday and the trainees were exhausted and tired of doing the same thing over and over again until Asher spoke up “when are we going to learn the next part?” “When we think you’ve got this part mastered, we’ll move on. Again” the trainees were getting annoyed at Dashers yelling and bossiness, but they knew that it was all for the final product. It was around 5pm, they had gone through the part over what seemed like a thousand times when Dasher ordered them to stop, “Trainings over for today, good job you lot, you’ve improved a little, same time tomorrow, go have fun for the rest of the day”, The Great Eight left the exhausted trainees in the court, they were too worn out to have any fun “this is hell” Jay said, “yeah but we’ve have to do it, for the next 70 something days, we need to try our hardest every day if we ever hope to get good enough to replace dad and the others” “wait, so if we’re not good enough, can they make it that we don’t replace them?” Kidd asked, “Well that’s a possibility we shouldn’t think about” Sky said.

Day 7
The next week was filled with the same routine everyday, they got up and met Dasher at 6am, did the first section a heap of times until 5pm then did what they wanted until the next day when it all started again until one day Dasher decided that they were good enough “alright, I think that your all at a level that is acceptable, onto the next section, then you’ll do it all together”, they were shown the next part and tried it but struggled, they practiced it over and over again, getting a little better each time.

Day 21
The trainees had been training for 3 weeks and hadn’t started the third section, Asher was getting worried that they weren’t going to be ready in time but Dasher reassured them that if they trained hard they’d get there.

Day 50
The trainees had now learnt most of the dance up to Deck the Halls, Dasher informed them that the Christmas season had started and that the Great Eight had to do the Christmas Fantasy parade until the trainees were ready so that left the trainees to train at their own pace, Rudolf stepped up to the plate and decided to teach them himself as he knew the whole dance.

Day 72
By the tenth week Rudolf had trained the group with remarkable success, Dasher watched them once before he had to go get himself ready, he was amazed at how good the trainees had gotten in such a short amount of time “I think your all ready for a parade, next week we’ll let you go instead of us, train hard until then and then make us proud”, the trainees were shocked that the time had come for them to perform in the Christmas Fantasy parade.
*Story and pictures by Sam Pratley

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