TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Christmas Time is Here!

December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas Eve to all of our Main Streeters out there! It’s Wednesday night, so it’s time for our Florida living update! Right about now, my family and I will be celebrating Christmas Eve, and we’re not in Florida tonight! It’s been quite different preparing for Christmas this year, getting ready to come see family, and still go about our usual routine at home. Christmas at Disney seems like it’s been going on a LONG time, but it didn’t feel like Christmas to me this year. Different surroundings really make an impact on how we feel and what we’re used to this time of year. Yes, the decorations and festivities that Orlando has to offer have been beautiful, but in my heart, I wasn’t getting that Christmas feeling. Now, being home in my usual surroundings, I finally feel the way I should, that Christmas spirit has finally hit!

On Thursday evening, one of our mods/writers, Corey, was in town with his family. Instead of doing the usual and meeting at a park or something, we decided to do the monorail loop and check out the Christmas decorations at the Deluxe Resorts on the path. The Grand Floridian at Christmas time is something to see. The tree is huge and so beautiful, and the gingerbread house was awesome. Seeing these things in photos over the years really doesn’t do it justice. The resorts do a great job with holiday cheer! We saw the huge gingerbread display at the Contemporary too, then went to the Poly and ate at Capt. Cooks for dinner. It was a nice time! It’s kind of sad to think that the next time that I head to the Magic Kingdom or see the resorts, that all the Christmas decorations will be gone. It has been a beautiful season, and I’m so glad we got to enjoy it. But for now, it’s family time, and that’s where my heart is truly at. We can be in the Happiest Place on Earth and enjoy all it has to offer at the Holidays, but for me, Christmas truly is in the heart. Before we know it, we’ll be back in sunny Florida, but for now, I’m happy where I’m at, with the people I love most! I’m going to keep this weeks update a bit shorter, being that it’s a holiday and we’re all busy visiting, but I can’t wait to tell you all about our Christmas vacation adventures in the next couple of weeks!

I thank you for reading and keeping up with TMSM each week! Sending you all lots of love and Pixie Dust on this Christmas Eve… and I hope you all have a blessed evening! Till next week… See Ya Real Soon! Merry Christmas! ~M

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