Big Hero 6 Comes to Disney Infinity (2.0. Edition)


“Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes” fans looking for a break from beating the stuffing out of Frost Giants, Symbiote-infected foes, and Sakaaran soldiers may want to suit-up as Big Hero 6’s Baymax and Hiro. In addition to starring in Disney’s latest animated blockbuster, the boy genius and his robo-buddy bring a whole new brand of super hero-inspired action to “Disney Infinity 2.0” and its build-it-yourself Toy Box mode.

Each possesses character-specific powers and abilities that will be instantly familiar to fans of the film. In addition to sporting an air-catching booster jump, Hiro can thwart baddies by unleashing swarms of his shape-shifting microbots. The Big Hero 6 leader can certainly hold his own on the battlefield, but it’s Baymax—who Vice President of Production John Vignocchi calls “Hulk meets Iron Man”—that really brings the fight.

“He’s a very versatile character,” Vignocchi says. “He has the ability to fly, but he also has the ability to do an incredible amount of melee damage with his rocket fists.”

While either Baymax or Hiro would make a great addition to any “Disney Infinity” fan’s collection, Vignocchi tells us why you might want recruit both onto your Toy Box team:

“Just like Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Hiro and Baymax have a special move that allows you and a friend to team-up and then fly around your Toy Box together.”

Whether you’re soaring the skies solo or playing cooperatively with a pal, there’s plenty of Big Hero 6 content to dive into. Unlike the Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and Spider-Man figures, Baymax and Hiro aren’t supported by a standalone Play Set, but both San Fransokyo’s sky and landscape can be unlocked within the game.

According to Vignocchi, players can use these Toy Box-transforming elements, as well as accompanying landmark pieces—like the film’s wind turbine flying fish—to tell their own stories within the Big Hero 6 universe. “They can create their own vision of San Fransokyo and then create their own story; perhaps a prequel to the events of the film or a sequel, using their imaginations to tell those stories.”

Of course, those who’d rather dive into some pre-made fun can leave the building to the passionate “Disney Infinity” community of budding designers. There’s currently five content-packed Big Hero 6-inspired Toy Boxes available for download, sporting everything from soccer games to flying courses.

Whether you’re looking to make Hiro and Baymax the latest members of your Marvel team—we bet Baymax and Hulk could do some serious damage together—or want to author your own Big Hero 6 adventure, the newest crime-fighting figures for “Disney Infinity” have got your back.

Pick up “Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition)” in time for the holidays! Visit our official hub page for more info!



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