Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Ornaments

December 10, 2014 ,
10461627_10204584984080326_5819424943974153950_nFor several months now Nation members have asked “How do I make my own Mickey Ornaments?” Today we are going to tell you!!
What you will need:
– 2 sizes of plastic ornament balls, preferably ones that go together color wise
– a Glue Gun or E6000
– a Ruler
– Decorations


1- Remove the the hook caps from the smaller ornaments
2- Measure about 1″ from the left and right of the center of the large ball and mark them (this will be where you place your “ears”)
3- (optional if needed) If your small ornaments will not sit flush on your large one here are some options on how to resolve this
1- Use the hot tip of the glue gun to create “hole” in the large ornament for the top of the smaller balls to go into.
2- Use a dremmel to remove the tip
3- Use pliers and the tops broke off
4- Applyglue to the smaller balls and secure to large ball
5- Decorate as you want!

Nation Member Jasmine Granstrom was nice enough to provide the images in this blog!
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