Star Wars Inspired Ornaments ~ Craft


Star Wars Inspired Ornaments

Those who know my family know that we are huge Star Wars fans. Well I take that back, my kids and my husband are HUGE Star Wars fans. I just come along for the ride. So like I have said before, when I see a Star Wars related craft or recipe, I jump right on it!

I found these Star Wars Popsicle Ornaments while searching for crafts on Pinterest. These adorable ornaments were made and shared by Vicky Barone. As she states in her post, these may not be easy to do for the younger kids, like my little 3 year old, but the older kids should be able to make these with no problem. I’m sure my 7 year old and 13 year old will be happy to make one of these for their little brother too. Maybe even add Yoda. So let’s see what Vicky did to make these fun ornaments.


Colored foam
Tongue depressors


First she created a template to cut out the pieces from foam and then glued them together.  Darth’s face was a little difficult because she wanted to give it depth and was only using black foam.  It would have been great to find dark gray but I think the end result worked out well. You could even use these as puppets!

Photo and Instructions courtesy of
Reporting by Janel Adani

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