Christmas crafting is fun, and it can in turn save you a lot of money when it comes to decorating. We all know that Christmas tree toppers are a bit pricey, and finding something cute for the top of the tree can be a challenge if you’re trying to budget. Well, I started searching around and found this cute and easy idea for folks to try. I remember a Main Streeter showed me this idea last year but I couldn’t find it, so I did a search and found the same idea and directions and I got previously! Here’s how you make this cute Mickey Mouse tree topper from

All you will need is:

BBQ Skewers
8″ Styrofoam ball
5″ Styrofoam ball (2)
Spray paint

With a Michaels 40% off coupon, this project only cost me around $20. Which is pretty good in my book, considering all the Disney tree toppers I have seen online have cost upwards of $50.

To get this started it is pretty simple. I grabbed a couple bbq skewers and poked them through the styrofoam balls and poked the other end through a box to stabilize them while painting.


Put a LOT of paint on these, and give them about 3 hours to dry completely!

Putting it together was a breeze. I took the two smaller balls and placed them evenly on top of the larger ball to replicate Mickey’s ears. Then, place on the top of the tree and you’re done!

Thank you to “Loving as a Ledbetter” for the awesome idea! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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