How Well Do You Know… Epcot?

November 10, 2014 ,

“To all who come to this place of joy, hope and friendship: welcome.” There’s no other place in the world quite like Epcot, the theme park that celebrates human achievement. If you’re the kind of Disney fan who knows every nook and cranny of Future World, remembers Horizons and Cranium Command fondly, and holds a strong opinion on whether you should go clockwise or counterclockwise around World Showcase, this is the Epcot quiz for you.

Walt Disney World Photo Gallery Disc

1. How many countries appear in World Showcase?

a. 9
b. 10
c. 11
d. 12

2.  What is the top speed that Test Track reaches?

a. 55 MPH
b. 65 MPH
c. 75 MPH
d. 85 MPH

3.  The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion, formerly The Living Seas, contains an aquarium holding over 6,000 sea creatures and how many gallons of saltwater?

a. 71,000
b. 860,000
c. 1.8 Million
d. 5.7 Million

4. What did EPCOT originally stand for?

a. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
b. Experimental Project Constructing Our Tomorrow
c. Education, Practicality, Community, Optimism, Triumph
d. Every Person Can Obtain This

5. For which Epcot attraction did Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald write the catchphrase, “If we can dream it, we really can do it”?

a. Horizons
b. Universe of Energy
c. Cranium Command
d. Journey Into The Imagination

6. How long is the World Showcase promenade?

a. 0.8 Miles
b. 1 Mile Exactly
c. 1.2 Miles
d. 3.4 Miles

7. Walt Disney Imagineer Mark Sumner originally designed Soarin’ using what?

a. Tinker Toys
b. An Erector Set
c. Blocks

8. What was Walt Disney’s original vision for Epcot?

a. A Housing Complex and Headquarters for Imagineers
b. A Research and Development Outpost For Theme Park Technology
c. A Global Theme Park with Pavilions to Represent Every Country
d. A Futuristic Model Community Home To 20,000 Residents

9. The Fountain of Nations in the middle of Millenium Plaza contains water from rivers and lakes from how many different countries?

a. 11
b. 23
c. 49
d. 118

10. What is the exterior of The Land pavilion designed to resemble?

a. A Volcano
b. A Flower
c. A Canyon
d. A Mountain

11. Each country in World Showcase has a sponsor. Which country is sponsored by the government of the real country it represents?

a. United Kingdom
b. France
c. Germany
d. Morocco

Walt Disney World Photo Gallery Disc


1. c. 11
2. b. 65 MPH
3. d. 5.7 Million
4. a. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
5. a. Horizons
6. c. 1.2 Miles
7. b. An Erector Set
8. d. A Futuristic Model Community Home To 20,000 Residents
9. b. 23
10. a. Volcano
11. d. Morocco

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