Big Hero 6: A Review

November 7, 2014 , ,

*Warning* Depending on your knowledge of Big Hero 6 (BH6) and it’s characters this article MAY contain spoilers.

big-hero-6-baymax1-1024x662Wednesday night at about 12:15am I realized several local theaters were going to have 7 pm showing of Big Hero 6 on Thursday night, so I quickly grabbed tickets, knowing full well I would still be seeing it again this weekend with my ni-phew “Stink”. Ever since the Fall Out Boy laden trailers and commercials for Big Hero 6 have come out, I have been beyond excited for this movie. For those of you who are in TMSM Nation, you know that some of my most “squee-riffic” moments this month involved the Official BH6’s twitter account favorite-ing, replying to and/or re-tweeting my tweets.

It wasn’t until this afternoon that fear snuck in and I started to question myself. Was liking things like the adorableness of Baymax, the lines “hairy baby” and “we jumped out a window” and the always smiling causing riffs of Fall Out Boy music GOING to be enough? What if my very limited knowledge of the premise of the BH6 comic series ended up biting me in the rear end? What if it wasn’t a FUNNY movie about a boy and a robot health balloon but something totally all together different, because let’s face it a HUGE amount of people thought Frozen was based on a reindeer and a snowman because of that movie’s original trailer.

Well my friends I am BEYOND ecstatic to report, my fears were silly and unfounded. Big Hero 6 is AMAZING, quite honestly one of the most amazing  Disney movies I have seen in years. It’s funny, heart wrenching, surprising, plot twisting and AMAZING! Interestingly it is also the first full length Disney animated movie I can remember that addresses loss, grief and the stages of grief, and yet even though these topics are rough to discuss even in real life, the moments in the film that address these topics manage to be genuine, heartfelt and appropriate for all ages groups.

At the end of the day I can not get over how truly amazing Big Hero 6 is. The story is amazing,  funny, and deep and the actions scenes keep your attention but are not super violent. The animation is stellar and of course the decision to use Fall Out Boy in the score completely seals the deal (at least for me) music wise for this Disney movie. I would not wait to go see BH6 again as it really is a wonderful family movie, and I need to decide who my favorite is Honey Lemon and her awesome chemistry skills or Go Go Tomago and her fearlessness and her take control attitude. I already know that Hiro is my favorite male team member. Nothing against Wasabi or Fred, but Hero stole my heart. He is a smart kid, who has a passion and finally finds a place where he fits, while finding an Ohana of his own.

Big-Hero-6-CharactersThe other really awesome thing about Big Hero 6 is the movie is FULL of Easter eggs, so much so the directors had to say “cut it out enough is enough no more Easter eggs” LOADED.  With today being the official opening day I don’t want to give away to many of the ones I found or read about after the movie but I will give you hints for some to look for:

  • The cork board in the police station
  • Signage in San Fransokyo in “flight scenes”
  • Spiderman-esque villain moments
  • Marvel heroes! (Fred’s pad for some hint hint)
  • Anna and Elsa will be cheering during body armor testing
  • Paintings on walls are always good
  • Famous Disney quote easter eggs
  • A hat (or head?) tip to  “How to Tame Your Dragon”
  • And last but not least, do I really have to tell you not to race out of the theater when it’s done? Even though Marvel didn’t make this movie,  BH6 is a Marvel comic book, and ALL Marvel fans know better than to leave before the film reel runs 100% out of imagery

I do though want to close with this warning! Last year before Frozen came out, the Disney Store was full of merchandise that no one was buying as they were clueless about the actual story line of the movie. Earlier this week when I popped into my local Disney store the amazing manager and I were discussing availability of BH6 items and when I asked if the 15″ Baymax plush was selling well. Her response was not yet, but just wait until the movie comes out. SO! If you think you are going to want BH6 items to give as gifts this holiday season, do NOT wait! Order from the Disney Store ASAP to ensure you have those needed items before they sell out!



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  1. Awesome, I had to share this tweet and +. And then liked it, pinned it and added to everything I could think of. The movie is and will be in my top picks for the year. My hopes are that others will age and soon we will have BH6 everywhere instead of Frozen. Autumn Barned you have done a fantastic job reviewing BH6 far better then the next critics. Thank you. and now I end with…
    We jumped out a window.

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