In Disney Limbo, between Halloween and Christmas!

November 3, 2014


Well, November is here. Halloween is over at Disney Parks. Christmas is creeping in, but not totally yet! This week will mark the first lighting of Cinderella Castle with the sparkling Christmas lights in all it’s glory. Also, the Osborne Family Lights display will be starting this week at Hollywood Studios. But right now, today…. what holiday IS it at Disney? Thanksgiving seems to get missed, and Christmas always starts early. So, are these couple of days with NO Halloween and minimal Christmas going on a Happy Thanksgiving to us all? I say all of this with a joking tone of course! The last Halloween party was this past weekend, and the first Christmas party starts in a few days! Quick transition!

It’s weird, because this is our first year living in Florida, and getting to experience the holidays throughout the entire season, rather than for just a week or so. The Parks are getting in Christmas merchandise, offering Christmas apples and treats, and the Fall decor and merchandise is all but out of here. I’m assuming that the Disney Character Outlet stores in the area will have some great Halloween goodies soon at discounted prices, so I’ll be sure to check that out. But for now….. it’s not Halloween at Disney, not yet Christmas, it’s holiday limbo I suppose. I know a lot of people think that Christmas comes too soon at Disney, but being that we can’t fight it, we might as well enjoy it! The holiday season only comes once a year, and in the next few days at Disney World, it will be out in full force! We’re going to jump right in and enjoy the festivities while they’re here, maybe even put up our tree a little early! Stay tuned to TMSM for the latest Christmas fun, we’ll be posting updates and pictures as we get them!

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