Don’t forget your Teal Pumpkin on Halloween!

UntitledAs many Disney travelers know food allergies are a concern that are brought up on Disney forums frequently. But, for those of us without food allergies do we really take into account the day to day difficulties those with food allergies face? Until this year the concept of allergy friendly Halloween candy to me was making sure there was nut-less candy as an option for those allergic to nuts. But food allergies extend WELL past nut allergies and this year FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) has come up with a great way to ensure even kids with food allergies can take part in trick or treating without parents having to worry about allergic reactions!

halloweensignthumbBehold the Teal Pumpkin! This cute and fun symbol tells the parents of children with food allergies that NON Food items are available as treats at a home. FARE has encourage families to paint pumpkins teal, but the signs we have “Disney-ed up” in PDF format below can be printed and hung on your front porch or door as a sign that you have glow sticks, crayons, activity kits, bookmarks stickers etc. available as Trick-or-Treat treats. It also allows you to spread some Disney cheer in the process!

So as you run out for your last minute candy run tomorrow take a moment to buy some fun non food treats from your local stores party or toy section to ensure every kid in your neighborhood enjoys Halloween safely! Also remember to print these fun signs to hang on your door to alert families with food allergies that you are ready for them! We’ve also included the #TMSMDisneySide sign as well so you don’t forget to show off your TMSM pride during trick-or-treating too!!!

                   Ears                                 bow
Mickey Ear Teal Pumpkin Sign                     Minnie Bow Teal Pumpkin Sign



I would like to take a moment to thank my friend Desiree for sharing the Teal Pumpkin information with me.
*Genie Pumpkin by Nation member Kelly A.

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