Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Stuck on Tower of Terror


Last Saturday, I went to Hollywood Studios for my little sisters 7th birthday. One of her ride requests was to go on Tower of Terror. We had a fastpass in the afternoon and got a baby swap to come back later for my dad to go on since he was watching my younger brother Aidan.


Our first ride was like any normal ride. We tried to go again with our dad but an announcement was played saying the ride was experiencing “technical difficulties.” Since we had the baby swap, we left the line and came back closer to closing time.

gabby andrew michele

We got in line and were put onto our numbers. We saw that it was stuck and immediately knew we weren’t going on that one! We were then told we were being moved to the next “car.” Once we moved, we were then boarded onto the ride. A mom didn’t want her kid sitting by the “wall” of the elevator so she asked to switch seats. The cast member let them switch. Then her other daughter wanted to switch with the father so the cast member let them switch again. Once all the switching was done, the system was messed up and we were moved off that car to get moved to the final “working” one.

Empty Elevator

We got onto that one and one of the cast members were getting on since it was supposed to be the last ride of the day. We were sitting in there for what seemed like forever. Looking out the elevator doors, you saw emptiness. No one was there. It was kind of freaky if you think about it! After sitting and not moving, we were told it was broken down and we weren’t able to ride. We ended up riding down the real elevator!

empty tot

We came down the elevator to an empty corridor. My mom and little brother were sitting there all alone! She was telling us how freaky it was being alone out there! Overall, it was a really cool and freaky experience. I just hope next time it’s actually working! I want to know if you’ve ever been stuck on a ride. Let me know in the comments!

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