DisneyBounding: The Basics

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DisneyBounding: The Basics by Guest Blogger Arielle Boardman

1DisneyBounding is a great way to show your Disney side! I am new to the ‘Bounding
world but I have had a ton of fun learning about it and trying out new outfits. Never heard of DisneyBounding before? It’s when you take the basic colors or characteristics of a Disney character’s outfit and make it into an outfit that you would wear in your everyday life! It’s great for work, school or even in the Disney parks! Here are 3 tips for starting off your DisneyBound and a few outfits I put together:

Tip 1: Find inspiration:
The best place to find Disneybound inspiration is right at the source! Leslie Kay coined the name “DisneyBound” with her awesome Tumblr account you’ll find a TON of outfit ideas! You can check it out here. You can also find great ideas on Pinterest and of course watching Disney movies. However, be warned: if you ever become addicted to DisneyBounding you will find yourself figuring out how to create outfits while watching your favorite Disney film.

Tip 2: Be Thrifty and Creative:
You don’t have to have a huge mall haul to achieve your favorite DisneyBound outfit. First of all, go through your own closet first! You might be surprised at what you can find! I found the perfect dress for my Jane DisneyBound right in my closet. After you go through your closet, go through your friends’ and family’s closets! You may not be the right dress size but you may share a shoe size, or they might even have some great accessories! Make a list of what else you might need and hit the thrift stores, I like making a list because it helps prevent impulse buys for me. I bought the majority of my clothes at thrift stores. I’m also super lucky to work for an online boutique that has some really cute clothes, so I definitely exercised my employee discount.

Tip 3: Have Fun and Be Confident!
Someone asked me how they should dress for their body type. I simply said, “try it on, if you like it and feel good in it…wear it and OWN it!” It doesn’t matter if you’re slender or curvy, or athletic, wear what you feel comfortable in! Body shaming is for people who don’t have enough self love for themselves so they take it out on other people. Love you for who you are and you’ll rock any DisneyBound outfit you are in! A true Disney fan will appreciate the effort and love it!

The Outfits:

Marie from “The Aristocats”:
Who says all DisneyBounds have to be human characters? I used a Ivory Sheer Blouse from the boutique I work at, over a pink tank top with white pants. I topped the look off with a pink Disney Princess bow. Next time I think I’ll add a pink statement necklace like Marie has a pink collar. Cost: $0 I owned all of these clothes previously before planning  this ‘Bound so I didn’t spend anything extra!

Keeping with the pink/white theme I decided to do a dressed down version of Aurora in her Pink ball gown. I wasn’t too thrilled with the white on white look of Marie so I didn’t want all pink for Aurora. I could have gone out and found a pink dress, but again I wanted to keep my purchases to a minimum. The pink shirt and scarf were borrowed from a friend, white pants were my own, the headband was bought on sale at the mall, but the shoes were a thrift store find for $8!! These shoes brand new at the department store would’ve been at least $40 if not more. And I loved the little rose on them! I actually really loved this outfit! It was one of my favorites! Cost: $12 for shoes and headband

SBJane from Tarzan:
This outfit was totally last minute. I was watching Tarzan the night before the shoot and thought to myself that I would love to do a DisneyBound of Jane! And then I realized I could! I had all the items already in my closet!
Cost: $0

janeTinkerbell/Peter Pan:
So someone pointed out to me that my Tink Disneybound could also be a Peter Pan DisneyBound as well. I guess whatever you choose to do, it will work! I wanted this one to be more casual, and I was done walking around in heels! I had the khaki pants, the shoes and scarf were borrowed, I bought the shirt from a thrift store for $2 and the bow was $6.
Cost: $8


Ariel, The Little Mermaid:
The first time I did this DisneyBound, it was by accident! It’s also my first DisneyBound! The only thing that was bought was the necklace, another find at the mall!
Cost: $8

Ariel, Kiss The Girl scene:
When I posted this on TMSM Fan Nation the other day someone told me that I could also do it as Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty, which I thought was adorable! I bought the shirt at a thrift store for $2, the bow for $6.50 and the skirt from the boutique I work at for $7. It was the most expensive outfit but still under $20!
Cost: $15.50

humanI had SO much fun doing these DisneyBounds and I have more up my sleeve! It’s great for Halloween and it’s great year round. It’s a little touch of Disney to carry with you throughout the day. The total cost of 6 outfits: $43.50 which averages out to $7.25 an outfit. Not too shabby my friends!
What character do you want to DisneyBound? And what are some tips you have for
DisneyBounding? Let us know in the comments!


About Arielle.
Arielle Boardman loves writing, Disney, and writing about Disney. You can find her on any evening enjoying a Disney movie at home. She lives in Utah with her Prince Charming, her corgi Buttons, and her cat Taffy.

All photos done by the talented Holly Freestone
Makeup/Hair and styling by Arielle Boardman and Thais Stewart
Photos taken at the historic Union Station in Ogden, Utah





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