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I think just about everyone has been told a corny joke in their life.  I know my dad use to always have one for me.  You know the kind of joke that is usually G-rated and just a silly answer.  Well the Oh My Disney blog put out their list of Disney Dad Jokes.  One thing I have noticed more and more lately at Walt Disney World is that some cast members, mainly on the tram or the boat ride to the Magic Kingdom, tend to tell some of these jokes.  As silly as the answer is I always smile.  Here is the list of them, enjoy and feel free to use them

Ah, dads. We can’t live without them and their corny (yet beloved) sense of humor. Who else would we rely on to get our dose of Disney puns? It doesn’t need to be Father’s Day for us to celebrate these incredible people in our lives, and what better of a way to honor dads than a few Disney dad jokes? We’ve rounded up a nice collection of a few that we think you will find quite punny.

Mr. Banks used to be a banker at the Dawes Tomes Mousley Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.


But he lost interest.

Why did Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship fly?


Because it never lands.

What did Pooh Bear say when Rabbit offered him some more honey?


“No, thank you. I’m stuffed.”

Radiator Springs is wheely a great place to live.


You auto swing by some time.

Why did the lions go to Simba’s naming ceremony?


Because it was the mane event.

What kind of shoes does Simba wear?


Heir Jordans.

Who’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite pop star?


Britney Ears.

Which Disney Princess is the cow’s favorite?



Why do Texas baseball fans love Chip & Dale?


They’re been known to Rescue Rangers.

Me: Want to watch Planes tonight, Dad?


Dad: My plans are still up in the air.

And of course, the original Disney dad joke:
There was a mollusk and a sea cucumber. The sea cucumber walks over to the mollusk and says…


“With fronds like these, who needs anemones?”

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