My Top 5 Animated Posters ~ By Brandon Popper

October 16, 2014

So, we all have our own top fives or tens of all different Disney related items from movies, to songs, to rides, etc. I have already given you the top 5 questions I got as a cast member from the guests while I worked at the Emporium on Main Street U.S.A 10 years ago, and my top 5 Disney/Pixar movie themes so over the coming weeks I will give you more of my top 5’s. This time I am going to give you what I believe are the top 5 animated movie posters. These are not going to be in any special order.

As we all cherish our top fives when it comes to Disney-related favorites, whether it’s movies, songs, or even rides, our connection to the artistic world of Disney runs deep. Speaking of which, just as we appreciate the creativity and artistry behind animated movie posters, it’s worth exploring how the magic of Disney extends to our homes.  If you happen to be a fan of collecting unique pieces of art, you might even consider adorning your walls with posters from Papanee, adding a touch of Disney enchantment to your home’s artistic ambiance. When decorating our living spaces, we might find inspiration in the captivating visuals of these posters.

(NOTE: Remember these are MY top 5, yours may be different, as we all have different tastes in whatever I am going to be blogging about. I do hope you enjoy mine)

Now realize this is coming from a Graphic Design degree person, so I may go into detail that some may not really look at in a movie poster, so here we go!

#5: Wall-E: Now Wall-E, that lovable little robot which pretty much was the last active thing on Earth other then his cockroach and until Eve showed up, but I really enjoy this poster because it puts the aspect of space into the whole poster. Having the Earth as a main focal point in the back ground, though this isn’t a normal view nor color of the earth we are use to. They used a darker layover on the Earth, it still shows where the Sun is on the left side of the poster and the right side of the planet is darker being night time. Though this poster also adds in Eve, flying across the sky toward the viewer in the upper left corner as well as having the ship Eve is brought to and from Earth in, which as we all know is what brought Wall-e to the Axiom. Then there is Wall-E in the front and center, he is really the only thing in this poster that is in FULL color, which because the movie is about him I felt that they wanted you to know who it was about. This shows his personality, and to me it has him waving to the viewer, telling them “Hi, come watch me in theatres starting on June 27th.”

wall e

#4: The Princess and the Frog: Now how many times do you see a movies Villain right there on the poster, especially a Disney poster? Not all that often! So, when you see the Shadow Man right there, you must know that there is some importance to why he was put where he was. You have to understand that unless you have seen the movie which I am sure most people reading this have, but if you were just walking down the hall at the theater and saw this, you would have to think he the Shadow Man has a main role in the film with him being present. If you follow all the way up his arm it shows him sprinkling magic dust over Naveen and Tianna which as we all know the black magic turned Naveen into the frog in the first place. Anyway, away from shadow man, the poster also has depth, looking out from a weeping willow tree into the Louisiana bayou, adding in Ray, Louis and Mama Odie to the poster also gives the feel of being in the bayou and the magical aspect between Shadow Man and Odie that is believed to take place there.


#3: Tarzan: Now this is the oldest movie poster I chose. To be honest, I think I should be putting this as #1 but I’m not. Out of all of the Disney posters out there, this is really the only poster that depicts motion with Tarzan moving from left to right like he is gliding across the tree branches. If you really look at this poster you’ll see that it is VERY basic, Disney didn’t have to do very much with it to get the point across. Most people know/knew the story behind which Tarzan is so they didn’t have to do a lot. I do like that they added Terk and Tantor into the poster being Tarzan’s friends throughout the whole movie, always being by his side when needed it the most. Also having the monkey’s trash the camp site… (turn on NSYNC and singing Trashin’ The Camp with Phil Collins)


#2: Toy Story 3: Toy Story was really one of the first movies that showed us friendship. Yes, Woody disliked Buzz at the beginning because he was taking over as Andy’s favorite toy, but seeing all the different characters all in one poster I think is just AWESOME. New and old characters all in one place just show that this movie is going to be a fun and entertaining movie. Though as we have seen probably multiple times that this movie isn’t just entertaining, it is also sad as it is the ending of an Era with Andy and giving up his toys. I love this poster because it has so much pop and color. Most posters don’t do well with so much color but because of all the different personalities this movies has, all the color works very well, and yes even mean Ol’ Lotso can make an appearance.


#1) Brave: OK, I chose this as my #1 for a reason; this poster has some of the most depth and realism you will see in an animation movie poster. Starting with the dark clouds and the sun rising behind the word “Brave.” To the stream of water, the grass, willows and moss on the ground, to the fog going across the poster all the way up to Merida and her hair flowing in the wind. You don’t get this realism in live action posters most of the time. Adding in the wisp I think shows that as the movie says if you follow the wisp it brings you to your fate.


I hope you enjoyed my list!

My name is Brandon Popper and I am a Disney addict.  Living in Southern Indiana relocated from the Windy City. Been into Disney pretty much my whole life, favorite movie is Aladdin.  In 2004, I had the pleasure to work for Disney as a College Program cast member working at the emporium.  Moved to Orlando for a few months back in 2008 and became AP for the time we were there.  I even got engaged at Disney’s Artist Point. Become DVC members in June 2014. I am an avid sports fan with the Chicago Cubs being my favorite.  I am happily married and have a 2.5 year old son Franklin.

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  1. I agree that Brave is in a class by itself when it comes to artistic elements. But I also love the Toy Story 3 poster for many of the same reasons you mentioned. Love the inclusion of so many characters and the bright contrasting colors. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

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