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October 16, 2014 , ,

CM Random Acts of Kindness- DVC Frank by Guest Blogger Uriah Hodgson


In a world where mistakes happen some mistakes seem like they can damper even a fairy’s light. But in this same world there are miracle worker who change the darkness into light, and this is one such story.

But before I get too far ahead of myself let me tell a tale of a day when a father caused the SNAP heard round the world. It seems like only yesterday but it was actually like 2 weeks ago. Yes folks on this sad day as I ejected my son’s 2013 Disney vacation DVD from the player and turned to put it away I found myself slipping to avoid falling over my son who could not move away for medical reasons. As I frantically looked for a soft place to land I realized this was not happening. Crash to the couch I went and just as my hand met the couch there was this sharp SNAP!. Gabriel my son looked at me and then to my hand, his eye filled with tears as the first piece of what was his favorite DVD fell from my hand I could still hear the echos of the Snap as my other children ran to see what had happened. Even my wife stood looking at me in disbelief. I was now bound to join Pluto in the doghouse for sure. Yes in that moment even a Fairy’s light could not brighten the room.

But there is Magic in the air…

After requesting emergency suggestions and advice from our extended Disney family on The Main Street Mouse Fan Nation, I found myself nearly begging a Disney CM for help. At first there was little he could do so he suggested I try speaking to another person and then another and then along came a CM named Frank M. who was a true Magician and well lets just say what I am about to tell leaves even me in tears…

First Frank asked me what had happened, so I told him all about Gabriel and the DVD being for him to help plan his make a wish trip. I even told him how I had to step outside because Gabriel was still crying, had I ruined his Disney Dreams? Then Mr Frank asked me if i believed in Magic, to which I said of course I do. He told me if I really believed that I had to wish for Disney Magic, that I had to Wish upon a star and ask forgiveness from Gabriel and in that moment he said to me… “Dreams are Wishes your heart makes and we at Disney believe all Dreams are real”. So I wished and I wished some more for good measure. Then he did some Magic on his end and told me that I’d be getting a package via FedEx very soon with a new DVD in it. I was happy though still in the doghouse and I thought this was all I could ever expect. But I forgot Disney Magic is bigger and better than we could ever imagine..

Fast forward to Oct 14th 2014. The mail is here and in it there is a larger than normal package. Labeled to Gabriel from Mickey Mouse. Hmm So we hand it to Gabriel not realizing what it was. With our help it is soon open and out slides a letter and so much more. The contents were 2 2014 DVD’s, 1 2013 DVD and several smaller booklets for each DVD, a coloring book several Mickey and the gang stickers and a handwritten letter which said to be read to Gabriel by his Daddy.

Now I wont read the whole letter to you here but I will highlight the heart of Frank M. The CM who worked a miracle.

“Dear Gabriel I have spoken with Mickey and Minnie about you and have told them that your daddy is so very sorry for what has happened… Mickey sends his love and hugs and says he will be here to meet  you soon at Walt Disney World… The gang has decided to sprinkle Disney magic on you and send you this wonderful package… But we want you to understand …It’s okay Daddy’s make mistakes little one, and sometimes they seem so sad at the moment. But they are only mistakes and your Daddy loves you so much that he braved the greatest mountains to bring you these DVD’s so your Disney Dreams will never end… You are a lucky little boy to have such a daddy who would fight dragons for you and it is because of this that we wanted your Dreams to Come True…

The letter goes one for just a bit more in it Frank expresses his understanding and even adds a few personal Mickey drawings and of course he ends with a HUGE Mickey HUG for Gabriel and me as well as he points out that even I need Disney magic from time to time.

I know we all hear about Disney going above and beyond but this wasn’t just above and beyond this was true magic as only a Disney CM such as Frank could bring to life. Frank took time to listen to me and hear the story even the sad parts, he cried with me, he laughed with me and made me feel as though there was hope when we spoke on the phone. AND then he showed the true power of a wish when he sent us this package. He will probably never get to hold Gabriel’s little hand or get a giant hug from me in thanks but he will always hold a place in our hearts for the magic he made happen…

THANK YOU FRANK M. for all the Disney Magic.


About Uriah Hodgson: Uriah is a father, Disney fan, and international man of “Where In Disney Are We” photo mystery. As a TMSM Fan Nation member the photos he uses for his son’s upcoming MAW trip to create a daily count down image challenge sometimes leave even leave the most experienced Disney fan scratching their head.  To read about his son Gabriel visit the blog written by Uriah’s wife Denise.

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