“Legends of Hollywood” Store at the Studios gets Frozen Over! #Frozen


The Legends of Hollywood Store at Hollywood Studios was always a favorite for my boys, and it’s a place that we always went into when we were walking by. They always were filled with Star Wars items, Indiana Jones gear, Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise, etc… but, as I found out yesterday, not anymore. Gone are the products that gear towards boys! Not sure when it happened, but Legends of Hollywood is now a Frozen store!


Bye Bye Darth Vader, Hello Elsa! The store is filled with Frozen merchandise, from shirts to stuffed characters, to treats and novelty items. Basically, it’s the same items that you can find back in the new Oaken’s Trading Post area, just closer to the front of the park.


Honestly, I have to say this was a little bit if a disappointment. As a Mom of two boys who are totally over the Frozen craze, I really think another store wasn’t necessary. Again, you can get the same things at Oaken’s. Part of my dislike of this idea was the fact that they took out a store that catered to boys, and filled it with more girl items. I think there’s enough for girls at the Parks, and boys seem to get left out. But, what can you do? Looks like Frozen is going to keep pushing forward whether we like it or not! Even the outside of the store is decked out with Frozen decor. What do YOU think? Is more Frozen a good thing or should Disney scale back a pinch? Thoughts?


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