Walt Disney Records Presents: The Lion King – The Legacy Collection

Recently I was sent The Legacy Collection CD’s for The Lion King.  This film is absolutely one of my favorites and the music is a big part of why.  This was also one of the first Disney films to bring so many big names together to create a film that it had success on it from the start.  Now before receiving the CD’s in the mail, I knew most of the songs.  I also know that Elton John performed and wrote the big hits from the film, but I honestly didn’t know much more than that.


Upon receiving the CDs (there was 2), I started to read through the booklet that accompanied and I was excited to know that Hans Zimmer also worked on the music.  Not to take a thing away from The Lion King music, most people know I’m a big PIrates of the Caribbean fan.  I love the films, the ride, everything about them.  Hans Zimmer did that music as well and I’m a big fan of his.

I want to give you the details Disney put with the release of this collection:

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: The Lion King creates a sweeping musical landscape you’ll never forget.  This beautiful book-bound two-disc collectible set features the captivating award-winning music from the movie; including the evocative never-before-released score by Oscar® winning  composer Hans Zimmer and never-before-heard demo recordings. Plus, this piece includes liner notes by the film producer Don Hahn and enchanting newly illustrated artwork by Lorelay Bove. Booklet also features rare character concept art from the film’s original animation team. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: The Lion King is a musical piece of art that every music collector should own and enjoy.

Like I mentioned, the first thing I did was begin to read through the booklet.  It starts with the idea for the movie and how the music writing team came together.  Then you get a few pages of the lyrics to the songs.  I always like to read the lyrics when listening so I hear the song correctly.  For the majority of the songs though, I already knew the lyrics.  As I stated above, the music from The Lion King is some of my favorite Disney music of all time.  After the lyrics you get to see some of the art from the film and find out how the animators brought everything together. The book is really great and informative.  If you like to know the back story of why certain things were done, you will love this part of the collection.

The CD cover and booklet, contains newly created artwork inspired by The Lion King from artist Lorelay Bove.  Lorelay Bove is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.  She has worked on films such as Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, and Wreck-It Ralph to name a few.  Lorelay will actually being doing all the illustrations for the entire collection of CD’s from the classic films.

Now The Lion King Collection is made up of 2 CD’s.  The first is the actual music from the film.  Listening to the music, you can visualize the film and the scenes on screen.  It’s amazing how you can see the images of a young Simba singing how he just can’t wait to be King.  How about Timon and Pumba telling us about their wonderful phrase “Hakuna Matata”.  This is a great CD for all ages to enjoy.


The second CD has 30 minutes of previously unreleased score from the film.  It’s interesting to hear “Warthog Rhapsody” and think it was suppose to be the song instead of “Hakuna Matata”.  Some of the best parts on the second CD is hearing the demos of the songs that would make the cut, and to hear how they evolved to the final version we all know.  You also get Elton John’s renditions of “Circle of Life”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”.

This CD is a must have for any fan of The Lion King.  Actucally for any fan of Disney Music you will love this collection.  If you are interested in purchasing this collection, you can get it from the Disney Music Emporium.

My next review in the Legacy Collection will be Sleeping Beauty, so keep an eye out for that in the next week.

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