Halloween Foam Craft Idea!

Halloween Foam Crafts
By Janel Adani


I had to make a run to my local craft store today to get some supplies for my daughter’s school project. While I was there, I took a stroll down the Halloween aisle. I’ve already raided a bunch of their fake carving pumpkins for an upcoming project, but I needed something fun for my little guy to do.
We found these super cute foam craft kits. They had quite a few varieties to choose from and the great thing was they were 40% off. WooHoo, bonus! I think I paid $4.00 for a pack of 24. These are great if you are having a Halloween party or play date or just to do with your kiddos and save the extras for next year.


All you need is glue, that’s it! You follow the little template on the box and just put all the foam pieces together. I’ve always enjoyed doing these crafts because my kids like to stray from the norm on these. You can really do whatever you want with the pieces they give you. I’m even thinking of making a few of these pumpkins into Mickey pumpkins. You can pick up extra foam pieces at the craft store if you want to be really creative.
So if you are looking for a fun craft to do with your kids, head over to your local craft store and get one of those super cute Halloween craft kits and have fun! I know my little guy did!


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