Weekly Affirmation: Walt Disney on the Impossible

October 9, 2014 , ,

I saw this on the Disney Style blog and I have been trying to decide if I wanted to put it out there to share with all our readers.  Everytime I have seen this quote from Walt, I always get a little inspiration to push harder and achieve what I want.  As most people in life, there has always been someone that told you, you can’t do that.   It won’t work.  You aren’t smart enough.  Not only are these words blows to one’s self esteem but can really change your way of thinking and doing things.  I don’t care who that person is in your life that told you that, rather it be the bully at school, a sibling or even a parent, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.  Most people think others dreams are impossible, but I think Walt said it best:


I hope this gives you the motivation to work toward your dream.  Every single day, when someone reads our blogs or sends us a message saying thank you for all you do, we accomplish our “impossible” dream.

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