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October 9, 2014 , ,

TMSM’s 31 Days of Halloween rolls on!


Is someone in your home dressing up like Mary Poppins or Bert this Halloween? Why not take a Penguin Pumpkin along on their adventures to encourage dancing and fun!

Happy Penguin from Parents Magazine
You can use a real or fake pumpkin for this fun craft!

1. Draw an outline of a peanut shape on the front of your pumpkin using a pencil.
2. Paint the area inside the peanut shape outline white and paint the rest of the pumpkin black.
3. Cut two semi-circles of orange felt for the beak (about 3″ wide for an average sized pumpkin), four teardrop shapes in black for the wings (about 6″ long), and four semi-circles in yellow for the feet (about 3″ wide).
4. Sew the two pieces of felt together for the beak, wings, and feet, leaving a hole to stuff with cotton.
5. Once stuffed and sewn shut, hot glue the pieces into place, and add two Googly eyes.

This can be done using real or fake pumpkins, but remember to wait until close to Halloween if you use real pumpkins to avoid rot!

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