How do you compose music for a beloved, iconic character? And how do you keep it classic, yet fresh and fun at the same time? That’s the challenge facing Christopher Willis, the award-winning composer for the Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts airing on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

Created in the tradition of slapstick and mischievous charm that first brought Mickey into the forefront of the world’s cultural landscape, Mickey Mouse’s latest incarnation has reached more than 135 million viewers and been translated into 34 languages. Its smashing success can certainly be attributed to the talented team of artists responsible for bringing fresh Mickey animation to a new generation—and as any fan knows, the classic cartoons are nothing without the music that scores the plucky mouse’s adventures.

We recently sat down with Chris to discuss the fascinating creative process and sources of inspiration in composing the music for Mickey Mouse, including the delightful newest episode, Mumbai Madness:

If you haven’t seen Mumbai Madness yet, be sure to check out Mickey’s latest antics below, and listen for Chris’ incredible score:

For more episodes of Mickey Mouse, check out the WATCH Disney Channel app for desktop or mobile, and keep an eye out for premieres of future episodes on Disney Channel.
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